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Breaking the Ice Meetings

Message from the General Manager

I understand there has been comments regarding the Council’s involvement in the Breaking the Ice Meetings in the local media.Breaking the Ice is a community group that was set up to try an address the negative impact of drugs on our community

I would like to put forward some facts regarding the situation.The committee is a community committee that the Mayor is more than happy to participate on.The Council is able to assist the group by providing a place for the group to meet and discuss the issues.The committee involves members of State Agencies who cannot participate freely in the meetings if the media is present.

Please note it was the committee who made the decision that it was in the best interests of the group that the media should not be present.The council exercises no control over the group except to assist the group where we can to resolve a difficult and problematical issue for our community.

To portray the situation as being a direct result of council intervention is false.The council will continue to provide support to the group where it can.To trivialise this issue by engaging in false gossip shows a complete lack of understanding or interest in this difficult problem.

David Aber


Posted On Friday, May 06, 2016